Patchwork rug 38x50cm Anka Confort


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Prevent heat loss on cold floors with the white and black comfort mat for all types of dogs.

Resistant to bites and tears, ventilated and draining, it allows urine to pass in the event of an incident.
Rot-proof, it resists moths, is non-allergic and can be used in the car, on a sofa or on the floor.

The non-slip white and black patchwork comfort mat is widely used among dog breeders. More particularly during a whelping in order to preserve the heat necessary for the puppies during their first weeks of life.
for all dogs
– recommended by breeders
– resists biting and tearing
– hypoallergenic
– retains heat
– resistant to moths
– non-slip
– airy and draining
– color: black/white
– 3 sizes available


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