Matelas molletonné


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100cm quilted mattress is made for you and your pet. Can be used alone, in a basket, a niche or even a cage, the quilted mattress is suitable for all uses! Your medium or large dog will be delighted with this bed allowing him to be comfortably installed at home, in his doghouse, or even when you travel. Particularly suitable for medium and large dogs thanks to its large size (100 x 70 cm). The latter will be able to rest from all their activities on this beautiful carpet. Your Boxer, Border Collie, Australian Shepherd or German Shepherd will thank you!
– Ideal for large breed dogs
– Soft and very pleasant touch
– Soft and padded mattress
– Material: 100% polyester
– Washable at 30°c
– Reinforced bottom (dark grey)
– Gray color with bone pattern inseam


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